One Centricity, a lifestyle to be proud of.....



We are a couple that thrive off adventure. A little about us  Anisett Jacques-Willis  is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Wellness Coach & Jason Willis  is a Personal Tainer who intentional live a life of experinece and connections. With so much daily pulling us away from our core we seek to live a centric lifestyle from within and out. How ? Intentional travel and movement focused on experiencing  while staying connected with our mind , body ,and spirirt. It has allowed us to truly feel and breath in the beauty we hold inside and the world around us. We are eagar to share our experience  and knowlegde of wellness travel with our customers.


Our team which consists of therapists , personal trainers ,wellness coaches, travel enthusiasts , and writers are passionate about sharing wellness trends, travel tips, nutrition of the best wellness retreats, spa getaways, active travel so our customers can explore the world while rediscovering what restores and brings their inner balance .


One Centricity provides an online wellness travel market place allowing customers to search and book trustworthy curated sources of wellness hotels, retreats, and services worldwide instantly. One Centricity is here to do the research to support a wellness and active lifestyle while traveling. The OC blogs provide the latest wellness information to motivate , and inspire our reader to start or continue their wellness journey through different forms of wellness practices. The OC store provides wellness products that can be used at home or while traveling.


But we don’t stop there.


Our customer will connect with what they may need from finding peace at a yoga retreat or pushing their limits with an active adventure, whatevercalls them we are here to support the journey for an unforgettable experince. Our goal is for our travelers to come home feeling connected and continuing their centric lifestyle.