One Centricity

Mosaic Hummingbird Mat


 Get Moving In An Exclusive One Centricity X Avrian Design Mat.


Travel Foldable Mat  $55.00 
Thickness  2mm  Travel Suede Mat - easy to fold. Lightweight, ultra portable and fits easily in your suitcase. Ideal for yoga , meditation , stretching, conditioning and more.  Tip-  it's ideal to put a blanket or towel under for kneeling  and impact movements.


Suede/Rubber Mat ( 2 in 1 mat) $85.00
Thickness 4mm- We call it the 2 in 1 mat Suede Surface/ Rubber Padding. Great for hot yoga to achieve smooth movement and deeper muscle engagement or if your a person that produces a lot of sweat while moving. 

Natural Rubber PU Mat-  $85.00
Thickness 4mm- PU Natural Rubber Mat eco -conscious, non-toxic, biodegradable, 100% high density,   anti slip.   Provides good grip and cushion, repel sweat and dirt, and is easy to clean. Can be used for a variety of exercises.


-Hand wash- air dry only 
-Wipe with cloth with few spritz  of yoga mat spray or little detergent  
-Avoid prolonged sun exposure
-PU Rubber Mat  - To eliminate natural rubber  initial odor - unroll the mat for a few days




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