One Centricity

African Rhythms Travel & 2 in 1 Combo Yoga Mat



Don't skip a movement while traveling with  an exclusive One Centricity X Avrian Design pattern.

 Choose from 2  Yoga Mat Styles  Yoga Bag Included  

Travel Foldable Mat - $55.00                                                

Color Orange /Cream

Ultra- Lightweight,  portable and fits easily in your suitcase. Ideal for yoga , meditation , stretching, conditioning and more.  Microfiber/ Rubber underside.  Tip-  it's ideal to put a blanket or towel under for kneeling  and impact movements. 

Suede Microfiber/Rubber Mat - $95.00                              

Color Orange/Cream

This 2 in 1 Combo Mat features a suede-microfiber  top to absorb moisture and sweat used as a replacement for yoga towel  on the underside natural rubber provides good grip keeping your mat at the same place  and cushion for your knees and joints, very durable -high longevity.

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