Top Teas for Reducing Stress

There is nothing more relaxing than having a quiet moment to yourself while you sip on some delicious, comforting tea. While you might think that the stress-reducing ability of drinking a freshly steeped cup of tea simply comes from the ritual of it, there are actually many teas that have been proven to melt away stress.

If you need a natural stress reducer in your life, try one of these calming teas. 

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos actually isn’t a tea – it’s an herbal infusion. That said, this “tea” (which is naturally free of caffeine) is great for helping you relax on a stressful day. Recent studies have shown that it may have the ability to reduce levels of cortisol, AKA the stress hormone. Some other benefits? Rooibos tea is anti-inflammatory, and contains orientin and luteolin – flavonoids that may increase the mineral content in your bones. 

Chamomile Tea

If your through-the-roof stress levels are affecting your sleep, turn to chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is well known for its ability to calm nerves and even reduce anxiety. Drink a cup of this tea at night and you’re practically guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep. That said, you can still enjoy a warm cup of chamomile tea at any moment during the day when you need a wave of calm.

Lavender Tea

You may have diffused lavender essential oils to relax or get a good night’s sleep. However, a cup of lavender tea provides an extra boost of stress-reducing power, as you’ll get the aromatherapy and consumption benefits in one mug. This herb, which is well known for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress, is commonly sold as a single-ingredient tea. You can also find lavender mixed in with other teas that will help you relax, like chamomile. On its own, lavender tea is free of caffeine. Need more of a wake up tea? Look for an Earl Gray tea (which is caffeinated) that contains lavender. 


Licorice Tea

Licorice lovers can find stress reduction in licorice tea. Research is still emerging, but licorice seems promising when it comes to fighting stress. In a 2011 study on mice, researchers found that the extract of the plant may help to reduce stress levels. Licorice tea is caffeine-free, so it is the perfect option at any time of day. 

Green Tea

If you need a bit of caffeine with your stress-reducing cup of tea, green tea is the way to go. Green tea contains theanine, an amino acid. Studies are still in the early stages on the full benefits of theanine, but emerging research shows that it may minimize stress-related symptoms – while also potentially improving cognitive function! 

Lemon Balm Tea

Lemon balm tea is a refreshing drink that has a minty flavor with a hint of lemon. It is a wonderful option for both day and night, as this herbal tea is naturally free of caffeine. The consumption of lemon balm has been found to improve mood and decrease cortisol levels. Plus, it has been shown to help with mild anxiety and insomnia.