Cooking for the Senses with Chef Adrian of Holbox, Mexico



Imagine walking into the jungle, a magical oasis surrounded by the beauty of nature. You’re led down a path, and as you look around, you’re in awe of the ambiance. Like you’ve been transported to another world. This is what it feels like entering the Milpa Holbox restaurant and speakeasy.

Chef Adrian is more than a talented chef, he’s an artist st. Greeting us with a smile when he first came to the table, we felt at home immediately. Each dish was a culinary masterpiece – the taste and presentation on was amazing. A dining experience we wouldn’t soon forget.


Since we’re all about healthy living at One Centricity, we sat down with Chef Adrian to learn more about his backstory, his inspiration on behind Milpa Holbox and more. 


1. What inspired you to become a chef? Please tell us a bit about your backstory and share your journey to becoming a chef.

 I was inspired by family flavors. Cooking is more than just food. It’s about the sensations and how you feel when you eat. It makes people feel good to eat and I wanted to help create that experience. I started by making French food in a Mexican restaurant. And I fell in love right away, completely in awe of how these dishes were made. I remember thinking to myself, “What is this magic? How did they create something so beautiful?” That was when I knew I wanted to be a chef, so I worked to pay for culinary school. I explored the Mexican Republic to get to know the area, learn how people think and feel, what they like to eat and I became getting immersed in the culture.

2. If you had to describe your cooking style in one word, what would it be and why?

“Sensory” would be the best word to describe my cooking style. My goal is to offer total fulfillment for your body, an experience that satisfies  all the senses.

3. Tell us about your restaurant in Holbox and the dining experience. What was the inspiration behind the restaurant and speakeasy concept?

“Milpa” is a word that means biosustainability. It represents Mexican agriculture in its essence. With the speakeasy, I wanted people to feel like they were entering another world.

4. Why is healthy eating  and a healthy lifestyle important to you? Please share how you incorporate this into your menu.

Your body should be appreciated. It carries you through life, and so it should be treated with care. That’s why it’s important to listen to your body and what it needs. My menu is filled with specific flavors to provide that kind of positive experience. Just the right ingredients to help you feel well and eat well.

5. Are you looking to open other restaurants in the future? Tell us what’s coming next for you.

Yes, I do. But I’m open-minded about what that looks like. I believe that what is meant for me will come. I plan on going with the flow.