One Centricity

Walnut Brim Straw Toyo

Designer Jonathan Thomas is the multitalented man behind Dapper Renaissance. Inspired by the 1920s. He wanted to incorporate aspects of the 20’s and Modern-day fashion. A revival of sophistication, elegance, and confidence in the style of dress. As the sole designer, Jonathan aspires to create quality handcrafted goods, that are not only unique but also stand the test of time. Pair this his hats with just about anything! \n \nAll styles are unisex \nAll hats are custom made \n \nWalnut Brim Straw Toyo \nStraw Toyo Crown \nWalnut wood brim \nGrosgrain hat band \nPin not included \n2 inch wide Brim \n \nAvailable Brim Size: \n2 inch Brim (standard price) \n3 inch Brim (additional cost $15.00) \n4 inch Brim (additional cost $25.00) \n \n 

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