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MIND PEACE WELLNESS - A PHILOSOPHY ON THE CLIENT-THERAPIST RELATIONSHIP  \n \nRubina Duhani  -  Marriage Family Therapist, LMFT, MS, EMDR Trained -Certified \n \nA key part of the therapy process is forming a trusting relationship with your therapist. To that end, Rubina Dhani will be certain to do my part to ensure that you always feel supported and safe when you come to my practice. Change and personal growth can be scary at first, but very fulfilling in the long run. It is easier to reach your goals when you are supported by someone you trust. \n \n  \n \nEMDR Therapy- an exciting treatment that is showing success in helping patients with PTSD and trauma. It can also help with depression, anxiety, and other health conditions. It involves brief doses of recalling past trauma while your attention is intentionally being diverted. As a result, those memories should become disconnected from the psychological response they normally have. This may lessen the impact those traumatic memories are having on you, even subconsciously. \n \n  \n \nApproach-  Working with Rubina  Dhani you will work through issues, aspirations, and many other thoughts you may have. You'll discover ways to create lasting change in your life. You'll learn how to train your mind to function efficiently in whatever ways you wish.  She also focuses on the importance that culture plays in our life.  A safe and welcoming environment for clients to be able to share and grow. A nonjudgmental perspective where you can work together to develop self-awareness and self-love. \n \nIn-person sessions will be conducted in the San Diego office in Sorento Valley or the location discussed at the consultation. 

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