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Rubina Dhani, MA, LMFT  | Online-Virtual Individual Therapy | California Only

Are you interested in receiving the benefits of therapy, but your schedule is too hectic to allow you to schedule regular appointments at an office? Online therapy may be the solution you’ve been searching for. \n \nRubina Dhani, MA, LMFT, Holistic Coach of Mind Peace and Wellness therapeutic style is authentic, compassionate, and collaborative. “ I am also curious, so anticipate some questions. I’m straightforward, but I won’t be rude, just honest. I also believe there is an appropriate time for humor to enter into the client-therapist relationship.” \n \nApproach-  Working with Rubina Dhani, you will work through issues, aspirations, and many other thoughts you may have. You'll discover ways to create lasting change in your life. You'll learn how to train your mind to function efficiently in whatever ways you wish.  She also focuses on the importance that culture plays in our life.  Bilingual-multicultural services that are of benefit to clients that have immigrated or come from families that have immigrated. A safe and welcoming environment for clients to be able to share and grow. A nonjudgmental perspective where you can work together to develop self-awareness and self-love. \n \nHIPAA-compliant platform to provide you with a safe space to express yourself via the Internet. \n \nOnline therapy isn’t for everyone. Please make sure you meet the following requirements before booking a session: \n
  • Clients must be a resident of California –  Mind Peace Wellness is licensed to practice in the state of California Only. Out-of-state clients will not be accepted.
  • \n
  • Servicing - California Only
  • \n
  • You must not be currently in crisis – If this is an emergency, please dial 911 or a crisis hotline such as 800-784-2433 (the national suicide hotline).
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